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Our re-design is well on it’s way…new content and work samples will be arriving soon.

Experience Maestros

Everything is about experience these days.

Not just our experience, but how your brand is experienced. That’s where Rubicon Marketing comes in. Whether it’s a complete re-branding, new web site, live event, viral video or sales presentation, we orchestrate a fully brand-aware response with the latest tools and creative options.


Backstage at the AMAs


Show logo, promo materials, video promo


Show identity, video promos, sales collateral


Bus wraps, show identity, print ads, video promos

Rubicon is Creative

“Alea iacta est” as Cesear said when he crossed the Rubicon river in northern Italy back in 49 BC. The die is cast. There was no turning back.

We furnish a wide array of integrated marketing solutions to meet your needs through our in-house staff and strategic partnerships.

Clients benefit from our experience in entertainment marketing and our ability to bring that style to other industries. From commercial real estate to medical equipment manufactures…metal stamping to trade associations.

Our award-winning creative team is on the cutting edge of film & video production, web design and yes, even print. Formats, media & styles have changed over the years but a good eye and strong work ethic remains constant. With social media engaging millions in new and exciting ways, content has become an organization’s primary method of cutting through the clutter. Content must be “cross-purposed” to video, podcasts, blogs, email, mobile and countless other unheard of media. We understand this and design with that in mind.